J.Investment Company offers you six types of accounts that are designed to suits every type of trading need. Pick the most suitable type of account and get a bonus of up to 150% on top of your deposit. The bonus percentage is based on the chosen account type.

ji company account bonus

Forex Account Promotion

Joining Link: Get-Bonus

Ending Date: December 31, 2022

Offer is Applicable:  New clients

How to Apply: Open an Account & Get verified yourself

  • 20% bonus – Minimum account
  • 40% bonus – Bronze account
  • 60% bonus – Silver account
  • 80% bonus – Gold account
  • 100% bonus – Platinum account
  • 150% bonus – Black account


  • No, Trading Purposes Only.

Terms & conditions – J. Investment Company Account Starting Bonus

Terms and conditions apply.

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